Natural Large Wicker Baskets

Wicker basket in England is also called willow basket. Wicker is woven fiber that formed into a stiff material. This material is often used to make baskets or other furniture. Wicker usually is made from plant, but today plastic fibers are also used to give more varieties. Wicker is light but sturdy, it makes large baskets, patio furniture, or other stuff easy to move.

What Are Large Wicker Baskets?

large wicker baskets with handle

Wicker baskets come in many shapes like square, round, oval and so on. This basket is also made in many sizes. There are small medium and large. Previously, wicker basket only had brown or natural colors of rattan, but now the style and color are really diverse. This basket has many benefits, such as a picnic basket to bring the picnic stuff, tray, flowerpot, chair, fishing baskets, shopping baskets, nesting baskets and as a laundry basket.

Large wicker baskets are the one that has many advantages. With size that can reach 27 ” L x 19-1 / 2“ W x 12” H ( 15 ” Including handles ) large wicker can hold more stuff in it. Usually basket with this size are used as laundry baskets. This type will have handle in the right and left side, then has cover on the top of it, and has lining fabric inside that ties in the basket and makes it easier to throw out the laundry.

This stuff is convenient for a person who lives in an apartment that has not much space, because it is lighter and easier to carry or move it to some place. A large wicker basket is durable, long lasting and cheap. A large wicker basket will help people to scrimp and love the natural product.

large wicker basket

17 Photos of the Natural Large Wicker Baskets

large wicker storagelarge wicker planter basketslarge wicker picnic basketlarge wicker laundry hamperlarge wicker laundry basketslarge wicker hamperslarge wicker hamperlarge wicker easter basketslarge wicker dog basketlarge wicker basketslarge wicker baskets with lidslarge wicker baskets with handlelarge wicker baskets wholesalelarge wicker baskets for storagelarge wicker baskets for blanketslarge wicker basketlarge wicker basket with lid

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