Living Comfortably in Your Studio Apartment Design

Studio apartment design usually has the living, sleeping, dining, and kitchen in one place. The most important thing in this design is the perfect arrangement. You can use your sofa or bookshelf for the room divider or simply set the furniture a certain arrangement. There are many ideas to come up with this. Plus, if you Google you will have many inspirations and also you can shop some furniture that will fit into your apartment.

Tips For Studio Apartment Design

studio apartment decorating pictures

Since you will have very limited space left, you have to smartly design your small apartment become a nice place to live and stay. One thing you should remember is the lighting for your studio apartment living design. The right lighting design allows as much light as possible to come in. Beside, bright lighting will make your small space look spacious and it will create a good mood to your space. You also need to install various light fixtures so that your apartment never run out of lighting. It is a good idea of studio apartment design.

The wall paint color of your studio apartment also has an important role in making a comfortable place. Do not think that colorful is always good, especially for small spaces. If you paint your wall on various bold color, you will find yourself hating your place because it will make you space even smaller and heavier. Otherwise, choose soft colors for your paint color. I suggest white since it will make the room look spacious and roomie since it will reflect back the light.

Keeping your stuff well-organized is the best idea for studio apartment design. No matter how tiny your apartment is, as long as it is clean and tidy, it will look pretty and it will be a good place to stay. Try to buy furniture that offers extra storage solution to keep your stuff well-organized. Well, have a nice day

studio apartment decorating pictures

7 Photos of the Living Comfortably in Your Studio Apartment Design

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