Knoll Life Chair for Comfortable Working Time

For the comfortable feeling while working, you need a Knoll life chair. This chair is different from the other office chairs. Created ergonomically, the specification of this chair design makes your body healthier at the same time. More than that, the styles installed to the life chair are trendy and timeless. Amazingly, it is recyclable and durable. Additionally, it is flexible because it uses automatic adjustable so you can comfort yourself extremely perfect.

Knoll Life Chair Specs

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Utilizing high technology system, the Knoll life chair has pretentious specs you need to know. This is reasonable because it is definitely helpful to pull up to your body shape. From the armrest design, it has fixed arm styles which are made of plastic so it couldn’t be adjusted. Averagely, it has 5.5 inches to 9.5 inches height. Comfortably, the plastic armrests are completed with glass filled nylon inside and thermoplastic urethane pads. Amazingly, some elements you can even request if you need to have the special one like for the fabric, color and base of the Knoll.

For the backrest design, it is styled exquisitely with fluffy colored fabric and ergonomic shape. The lumbar of the backrest is obviously suitable yet comfortable to rest your back. Beautifully, it has pretentious elegant colors like glam, silver and black. The more specific of the chair is the cylinder. Here, the cylinder of the knoll chair is able to style as standard, low and tall cylinder with different range of each style.

This unit of knoll life chair offers plenty variants of the designs and colors. Somehow, they all are created in stylish and fashionable design. After purchasing the chair, you’d better complete it with ergonomic desk design to balance your performance. This is important too for dazzling your office design because it can display modernity and pretentiousness at the same time.

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13 Photos of the Knoll Life Chair for Comfortable Working Time

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