Freshen Your Home Up with Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

Bay windows without curtains will be losing their appeal. They just look ordinary and dead. Otherwise, simply installing curtains will change everything. Your windows will not only be functional but also beautiful. There are several types of curtains you can use for your bay window treatment, and one of them is curtains rods. Curtain rods for bay windows are commonly used. They are the best window accessory.

Bay window curtain rods vary in designs, colors, and patterns. They offer you many options you can choose. You can add some natural touch, floral, geometric or simply plain. As these bay windows are built as a mean to enjoy the outdoor views and also provide as much as possible for natural light to come through, the thin curtains or even fabric sheer are recommended. If you use lined curtains, they will look so heavy and make your space look intense. The coziness and calmness you are about to create will instantly vanish.

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Curtain Rods For Bay Windows: Inside Or Outside

There are at least two ways in installing curtains rod for bay windows: inside or outside the bay. Inside the bay installation can create an elegant privacy to your home when closed. When opened, they will add an amazing texture that is just comforting and relaxing. When your bay windows are large, bay window curtain rod treatment is recommended.

When your bay windows are not that large and you have window seat there, it will be a good idea to install you curtain rods outside the bay. Frame you window seat elegantly, or hide it so that no one notices. Make them surprised when they find out. When you are about to accessorize your home with curtain rods for bay windows, you have to think about the look you want to achieve. After that you can go to store and find what you need. If you want to try your skills, do-it-yourself installation in which you can save a lot of money. Maybe you will spend less than $30.

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5 Photos of the Freshen Your Home Up with Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

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