Floating Bathroom Vanity for Fashionable and Useful Bathing Need

In this era, people always have many ideas of altering the present vanity. As we know, things like furniture are placed on the floor, thus common people might not think of having floating furniture in their house. That is why home designers use this chance to make one to give more option of unique and trendy furniture to the customers and to increase their own marketing at the same time. One of products they are able to produce is floating bathroom vanity which is very fashionable for modern houses.

Floating Sink Cabinets of the Floating Bathroom Vanity

floating bathroom cabinet

One kind of furniture that is often made to float is sink cabinets. What it means by floating here is that the designers made this kind of furniture to be attached on the wall without making it attached on the floor too. Basically, it is just furniture without legs and consists of only drawer or cupboard with the sink on top of it.

This floating bathroom furniture is not only made with contemporary vanity, but even the vintage one also can be made to float too. Usually, this type of furniture is quite simple and small, thus it does not require too much space. Its simplicity in its form and capability will not make your bathroom look too crowded. Furthermore, floating bathroom vanity is very chic in its design, thus you will feel comfortable with this vanity around.

Home design with this floating sink cabinet is best to be fully equipped with round or oval mirror attached on the wall above it. This is much like a set of bathroom vanities that completely serve its purpose for us in the bathroom. This sink cabinet is also very useful since you can place many bathing necessities in it and you can take it every time you need them when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth, for example. In short, besides making your bathroom look fashionable, this floating bathroom vanity kind is quite helpful for our bathing need.

floating bathroom vanity cabinets

15 Photos of the Floating Bathroom Vanity for Fashionable and Useful Bathing Need

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