Adding a Dramatic Effect and Texture with Door Window Curtains

Adding beauty and texture to your home is really important. It will make your home more alive. Of course it will do the same for you as the occupant. You can start from your front door. This front door of yours is the gateway to your outer world. That is why you need to do something special to it. One thing you can do is dress it up with curtains. Door window curtains then become limitedly one accessory for your home. They will give a dramatic effect to your entrance.

Before you decide to dress your door with those decorative door curtains, you need to consider about the type of your door. Is it sliding, hinged, or bi-folding? Each type need its own treatment to make a good impression that simply change the major look to your home. The type of door also determine what fabric and style of the window curtains to fit in. The right choice door window curtains will dramatize your home which is good.

door window curtain panels

The most common door curtains people usually use for their door window treatments are sheer of semi sheer curtains. They are simple and still allow some amount of sunlight to go through even when you close them. These door window curtain types can go for any door type of yours. You can also use linen curtains combined with filtering sheers. You can adjust the mood you want to create.

Door Window Curtains Ideas

Create a privacy with dramatic, welcoming door window curtains with some ideas that will beauty you home. Create a perfect cover with a lined rod-pocket curtains with various colors you can choose from. Adding a beautiful and elegant touch with pinch pleat or back tap door curtains. Some doors also designed with sidelights. Choose your sidelight panel to add a simple touch that makes your door look amazing and welcoming.

door window curtain panels

13 Photos of the Adding a Dramatic Effect and Texture with Door Window Curtains

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