bamboo shades

Applying Bamboo Shades At Your Office Room

Bamboo shades are one of the additional furniture that you can use on your window. Bamboo curtain shades serves to block light entering the room from outside so that you will remain calm and not exposed to the hot summer sun. To block the incoming light is usually people use curtains are designed in such a way that based fabric. Fabric is used to make curtains are also a variety […]

graphic design agency chicago

Graphic Design Studio Ideas

Whether you have the skills or not, you can make a graphic design. It is only about the result you will get. If you are a good graphic designer, of course you will get both good result and money. If you are not, perhaps it is a start for you to learn. Graphic design has now become a business that invite a promising, huge profit and I bet you do […]

studio apartment decorating pictures

Living Comfortably in Your Studio Apartment Design

Studio apartment design usually has the living, sleeping, dining, and kitchen are in one place. The most important thing in this design is the perfect arrangement. You can use your sofa or bookshelf for the room divider or simply set the furniture a certain arrangement. There many ideas to come up with this. Plus, if you Google you will have many inspirations and also you can shop some furniture that […]

design studio logos

Living Your Design Studio Smartly and Comfortably

Some of you might live in a small space. You have to smartly arrange your furniture so that you can live comfortably. Design studio will be perfect for you. The thing is that you can live comfortably in a very limited spaces in which you can custom design. You can save a lot of money with that. Besides, people love studio design for them to stay because they are affordable […]

studio de design

Studio Design for Your Cheap Living Cost

Living in a big city is expensive. You have to be able to manage you cost living so that you will never give up your life there and go back to your home. That’s failure. One thing you can do is to find a cheap place stay which means a small place is the only, best option. Well you do not need to be sad. Even you live in a […]

small window blinds

Small Window Curtains For Small Living Room

Building home or house has becoming human being tradition; they use it to settle and having live their life. Home building is also has becoming human identified, size, price and style are pretend the owner personality. Big home is required the expensive price to take and decoration than small home is required more space to make an impressive decoration. Creating small window curtains is one of flexible idea to improve […]

curtain holders

Curtains and Window Treatments for Inspiring Decor Ideas

There are many window treatments you can apply to make your windows look fresh and trendy. Hard treatments and soft treatments are the examples related to cover the window. Soft treatments include curtains and drapery. In this case curtains and window treatments become an integral part when decorating windows. Window treatments are attempts to decorate the window and curtains are one way. There are many styles or curtains for window […]

curtain rods and finials

Freshen Your Home Up with Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

Bay windows without curtains will be losing their appeal. They just look ordinary and dead. Otherwise, simply installing curtains will change everything. Your windows will not only be functional but also beautiful. There are several types of curtain you can use for your bay window treatment, and one of them is curtains rods. Curtain rods for bay windows are commonly used. They are the best window accessory. Bay window curtain […]

door window blinds

Adding a Dramatic Effect and Texture with Door Window Curtains

Adding beauty and texture to your home is really important. It will make your home more alive. Of course it will do the same for you as the occupant. You can start from your front door. This front door of yours is the gateway to your outer world. That is why you need to do something special to it. One thing you can do is dress it up with curtains. […]

curtain for bay windows

Home Design With Curtains For Bay Windows

Home designing have various way to produce the variety sense of living home, it also lead the innovation of home decoration at any part of room. The ideal living room is consisting of the functional feature and furniture that applied at the area; ideal air stimulation is also necessary requirement to refresh. Bay window is one of the finest and stylish patterns that will suitable for any room model, it […]